How to Become a Social Worker: Salary, Qualification & Opportunities.

It is a fact today that the majority of young people do not do voluntary work but they are all paid and salaried professionals. Political activism and social contacts may be the motive behind entering this sphere, better career prospects, promising career growth are major factors attracting youth in this profession. Social workers today address a lot of social problems. These range from unemployment, empowerment, corruption, black money, disability, drug addiction, women security, domestic violence and abuse.

Job Opportunities

Social workers help individuals and families in their crisis. Others are employed in central or state government departments of family and social welfare, NGOs, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and personal relation departments of companies. Their work prospects include carrying our research, meeting clients, discussing social issues, organizing campaigns, arranging funds, promoting their work through social media. Remuneration depends upon the nature of work and their place of work. Corporate house pays more than the NGOs and government.


Attributes needed in this profession are patience, the calmness of nature, good negotiation skills, good behaviour and communication skills, intelligence, awareness of government policies and current affairs, social contacts, well-maintained discipline, polite, bold enough to take action, sensitive to other’s needs. One must be trustworthy and committed too.


One must have a bachelor degree in social work after 10+2. Master degree can be followed after a bachelor degree. PhD can be pursued if one has an interest in teaching and research.

Merits and Demerits

The main advantage of this profession is job satisfaction. Assisting one in his problem and successfully get him out of the crisis in really joyful. This field is offering good job opportunities as national and international organizations are coming to India. This profession to has its negatives: the task can be emotionally draining and frustrating sometimes. Corruption and politics can make hurdles in your path.