How to Become a Stock Broker: Career Guidance

Stock exchanges indicate the health of a country’s economic health to some extent. This is the place where securities are bought and sold. Volatility is very high in this field. Price of the stock changes every second and is dependent on the demand and supply of the stock at a given time. Stockbrokers are the ones who buy and sell the stocks on behalf of the individuals and institutions for commission.

Job Opportunities

Stockbrokers work with individuals and some work for the institutions. Others work as traders, dealers, advisors and security analysts. Stockbrokers can also find employment in banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, and financial institutions. The economic growth of the country has opened up various opportunities in investment consultancy, broking firms, asset management firms, banks, and pension funds. They can start their own consultancy firms too. Starting salaries can be varied depending upon the nature of the work and can be between 15000 to 20000 rupees a month.


Good personality and power of convincing people, patience, good communication skill, sharp memory, analytical and logical skills, knowledge of researching companies assets, knowledge of reading a balance sheet, ability to work under the stressed situation.


Minimum required education is graduation in commerce stream. One must go through 6-month training in a brokerage firm. One must attain practical knowledge of subjects like Accountancy, law, capital markets.

Merits and Demerits

One main advantage is you get your salary whether the market in bullish or bearish. The salary hike is totally dependent on your performance and knowledge.