Ahmedabad University is a private and non-profit institution set up in 2009. We offer a range of diverse, rigorous academic programmes which enable to students for their grow into well-rounded leaders. Our programmes include undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies in areas such as engineering, management, arts, life sciences, and computer science.

Ahmedabad University makes a unique effort to build a timeless legacy that will bring character and pride to the State of Gujarat and India. Philanthropists have various opportunities to support this venture by making a lasting contribution and investment in today’s young talent and the future they will help to create tomorrow’s leaders. Let’s come and join us in shaping the University to serve the new generation of learners, who seek to change the nation and the world through deliberation, knowledge, understanding, and innovation.

Your support in the education of a student or a professor and their efforts in research will change the world we live in. Your support to our project-based learning pedagogy will make sure that the University delivers cutting edge learning where students can learn by doing. Your support for our mission will secure the students who will be in the future to an engaging environment to learn and solve the world’s problems.

We look forward to your support in this endeavor.








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