Civil Engineering Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

Civil engineering deals with the works like designing, construction and maintenance of the physical entities like building, roads, canal, complexes, etc. India sees the huge demand of civil engineers as the economy is moving at a very good pace and in times to come India will emerge as an economic superpower and thus it will require more infrastructure facilities. Civil engineers can full fill this demand and one can find job opportunities in both private and public sector infrastructure companies.

Job Opportunities
This field can open a lot of opportunities for the civil engineers in government-run corporations as civil engineers can be employed in all the construction projects developed by central and state governments. Qualified and experienced candidates can find their place in armed forces as well. One can join the engineering college as a teacher too. Salary will depend hugely on your experience on the field rather than bookish knowledge. It is thus important to get the graduation degree from the reputed college and try to get the job through on-campus recruitment. Fresh graduate in civil engineering can get the salary of 15000 rupees per month which can go in lakhs if you gained enough experience.

The most important attribute is to build something nice which helps society for a long time. The passion to make great architecture and interest to work on the field are the additional attributes. Civil engineers have to plan, design and construct the site as a whole so good knowledge of mathematics and science, advisory and administrative skills are the prerequisites. Also one must be ready to work under pressure and be ready to sweat it out on the field for a long time.


Graduation in civil engineering requires 10+2 study with physics and mathematics as compulsory subjects. Some reputed institutes take their personal entrance examination which comprises of written exam, group discussion, and personal interview. One can follow the master’s degree and further can go for the doctoral programs.

Merits and Demerits

The construction industry is booming and the opportunities in this field are numerous. One can get the satisfaction of building something nice and innovative. One can fulfill the social responsibility and get unimaginable gratitude. But one must be aware of the fluctuation in this industry and has to keep himself motivated in odd times. Hard work, maintaining the staff on site and continuous work during the dead line is the obvious disadvantages.