Leather Technologist Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses & Salary.

Leather technology is an emerging career option today. Leather goods demand is on the rise and is expected to remain the same in the future. Leatherwear consisting of boots, belts, bags, purses, gift collections, and musical instruments carrier bags, etc are on high demand potential. With multinationals are coming to India, the rise will remain up streak despite of stiff competition from fabric and synthetic companies.

Job Opportunities

The Indian companies along with multinationals have made tremendous growth in this industry and that is why job opportunities are plenty. Indian export of leather manufacturing items is accepted in the foreign markets due to high end quality and India is on the radar of many countries for importing the materials and end products from. This has increased the demand of designers who can work with footwear companies. Technical designers are responsible for making the product market competition. Big established manufacturing and designing houses also hire young freshers and train them in their respective fields. Even one can be an entrepreneur if he has proper knowledge of the product material and manufacturing processes. The newcomer can earn up to 10000 rupees a month.


Hard work, commitment and in-depth knowledge of the product material are the key attributes to be successful in this industry. Working with big houses needs a lot of laborious work and dedication. Designing a beautiful product require an artistic mind and good mental ability.


One must have passed the 10+2 with good aggregate marks in physics and chemistry to get into the course of leather technology. Diploma holders can get the admission directly into the second year of the degree course. One can pursue the masters after a bachelor degree.

Merits and Demerits

If one works into the production line in the manufacturing firm then it should be tiring one. Also for self-employed one, income is not fixed. Most of the workers in this industry are not trained technically and lack proper knowledge. Thus candidates with technical knowledge are in demand and are paid handsome remuneration.