Mechanical Engineering Career Guidance: Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

Mechanical engineers deal with machine mechanics, thermodynamics, robotics, and fluid mechanics. Nowadays the scope of mechanical engineering is expanding. Mechanical engineers are shifting their focus on new research areas like nanotechnology, biomedical applications, and environmental protection. This is one of the oldest and evergreen engineering options of today.

Job Opportunities
The job prospects in mechanical engineering are plenty and are growing day by day. Mechanical engineers design, test, operate and maintain wide varieties of machines and mechanical systems. Public as well as private sector companies are open for them. Automobiles, aeronautical, energy, and biomedical are some of the industries that employ mechanical engineers. Other industries which require mechanical engineers are oil exploration, refrigeration plants, and turbine manufacturing plants. Average monthly salary for the fresher is around 15000 rupees a month. Highly skilled engineers can earn up to 40 lakhs rupees per annum.

One has to have a passion for machines and mechanical systems. Strong background in physics and mathematics is a required attribute. Patience, analytical and logical mind, problem-solving skills, physical strength and ability to work long hours are other helpful attributes.

To be eligible to get the admission into a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, good aggregate marks in physics and mathematics are required. One can go for the various entrance exams like IITJEE to get into the IITs or AIEEE for NITs. After completing a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering one can go for a Master’s degree in the same subject. One must pass the GATE exam to get the admission in Masters Course of reputed institutions like IITs.

Merits and Demerits
One can be a part of the new development taking place in nanotechnology and biomedical science. This is the only profession which never sees recession but growing day by day with the new pace. Heavy work pressure and stress can take a toll on your body when you work in critical projects.