Career in Merchant Navy: Courses, Colleges & Salary in India.

Merchant Navy is a lucrative option and an adventurous option to work in. Merchant navy is not for the defence or security of the international waters. It is for the international trade, containing government and private vessels, cargo, ships and carriers. The merchant navy extends job opportunities to various departments like service, navigation and engineering.

Job Opportunities

Depending upon the departments and type of ship they are on, merchant navy officers perform various functions to meet their duties. Employees in the navigation department are led by their captain and are responsible for navigation, discipline and safety of the passengers and maintenance of equipment and machinery. The chief engineer is the head of the engineering department. He and his team are responsible for ship’s engine room and functioning of the boiler, deck types of machinery and other electrical equipment. The service department prepares meals for the crew and does laundry. This department also has drivers and surveyors. Starting salary can be up to 20000 rupees a month.


Interested candidates must have a passion for sea and travelling. One must be physically strong, sporting, and ready to spend most of the time on ship away from home and family. Candidate should also have possession for technology, good academic background and engineering attitude.


For the navigation department, one should possess a bachelor degree in science with navigation subject. Service department requires hotel management degree and to get into the engineering department one should crack IIT exam to enrol.

Merits and Demerits

Super perks, four to five months annual leave, challenging career opportunities make this profession very demanding among the youngsters. One can have a chance to travel the world, salary in foreign exchange and be able to bring the foreign goods duty-free. Disadvantages are irregular working hours, long time away from home can give you stress and you might feel homesick and lonely.