Nuclear Engineering Career Option: Job Opportunities, Courses, Salary

Nuclear engineer deals with the designing, making and maintaining the system that is involved in nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Nuclear engineer can work in nuclear plants for power generation, nuclear weapon manufacturing units, nuclear waste management, nuclear equipment for curing cancer cells in human body etc. Remuneration is high in this profession and can be in lakhs of rupees in the later stage.

Job opportunities

Employment areas are government agencies, national nuclear testing laboratories, medical equipment manufacturing firm, nuclear weapon manufacturing companies, construction and consulting services firms. Opportunities are also available in research and development labs, transportation, safety and security management. Entry level earning can be 20000 rupees per month which can grow into lakhs of rupees after sufficient experience and knowledge.


Candidate must have interest in scientific work, planning and organizing research work, mathematics, physics and concepts of engineering.


Bachelor in Nuclear engineering is a basic qualification to be in this profession. Candidates must pass the entrance examination to get the admission into institutes offering this course. A 2 year master degree can be pursued after successfully completing the bachelor degree. Ph.D. and some doctoral research programme are also offered by some institutes, one can look for them too.

Merits and Demerits

This is the highly paid jobs among all. Disadvantages are: disasters prone work area and risk of life.