Is Real Estate Brokers Carrer for You?

Real estate brokers have thorough knowledge about the real estate and property market surrounding them. When selling the property, brokers are the ones who search for the title clearance and verifying the ownership and of a meeting between seller and buyer. In the final meeting, the new owner takes possession of the property. Employment is expected to grow around 15 percent every year. Growing numbers of youth who are moving to metro cities will require brokers to buy the properties. Socially well connected and passionate people who find selling interesting have a great chance to be successful in this profession.

Job Opportunities

People with a brokerage license can open their own offices. Brokers with experience in estimating property value can be real estate appraiser and those who have knowledge in operating rental properties can be property managers. They can be mortgage financers or property consultant. Starting salary can be up to 20000 a month which can go to 40000 per month.


Brokers need to look good with a pleasant personality. Maturity, approachable nature, good judgemental power, honesty, enthusiasm are necessary attributes to attract the clients. They must be organized, well disciplined and have great knowledge about the locality.


Certificate courses in Real estate are offered by some universities. Also, a degree in business administration, finance, economy, and law are helpful. Degree in marketing and accounting are important for those who want to start a business.

Merits and Demerits

No fixed working hours for them. Sometimes we find them working on Sundays and weekends for the convenience of the clients. Working hours are long and irregular; most of the brokers have the freedom to set their working schedule. Great employment opportunities are there in this professional and remuneration is great too.