How to Become a Social Media Professional: Career, Salaries, Job & Education

Social media has been a multi-billion dollar business today and has opened the opportunities to build a career around it. There are six different types of social media: collective theories, blogging, content communities, social networking sites, virtual gaming sites, and virtual social worlds. Technologies they use are blogs, pictures and videos sharing, posting, emailing, message sharing, crowdsourcing, etc. We use social media to interact, create a brand, generate sales, product launch, creating a community.

Job Opportunities

Businesses in India are using social media for making they are brand famous, creating awareness, selling products, driving innovation, gathering business people, making communities. Aspiring candidates can be social media strategist, medial marketer, mobile and web-based application developer, digital marketer, SEO content writer, microblogger, IT technologist. Salaries can vary based on experience and the work area which can be between 500000 to 900000 rupees per annum.


Professionals in this profession must like to interact with people. One has to have good personality and communication skills to get noticed. One must think out of the box and be innovative in initiating the conversation with strangers on the social platform.


People with a degree in marketing, journalism, mass communication or public relation have the ability to use social media platform in the business context. Candidates with IT background will be able to know the technology behind social media and can work in that context.

Merits and Demerits

Businesses require social media expert in anyhow to compete in today’s market where cutthroat competition is very high. And this only means tremendous job opportunities throughout the country. This field is new and sometimes job description is unclear. Newcomers come with high ambition and may go back with disappointment in the beginning.